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Supporting DCFC

When Punjabi Rams founded in 2014 our aim was to improve representation on the terraces as well as challenge and collaborate with Derby County Football Club on diversity and inclusion.

Our objective remains to enjoy our shared passion and celebrate our differences - although our immediate focus is to understand how the supporter base can ensure the existence and longevity of our club.

We are proud of the work we’ve done over the past seven years especially the fundraising supporting charities in both Derby and abroad.

Although we’re called Punjabi Rams, you don’t have to Punjabi to be a member, those that have been to any of our events will attest to that.

We have always been transparent with members especially in relation to the supporter charter group meetings, asking for questions in advance. Membership to our group is free and can be done via our website (

Over the years we’ve engaged with other supporters’ groups and collaborated where necessary - and will always be willing to do so for the best interest of Derby County.

We’re currently fundraising to support the club in this difficult time. Us fans are not the ones who got the club into this mess but the administrators were clear - every little helps right now. If you’re able, please share the fundraising posts on our social channels.

One thing is clear: we need to pack those stands and give those wearing the Ram our unwavering support.


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