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Punjabi Rams show their support for Derby County FC Women

Punjabi Rams are pleased to announce increased support for Derby County FC Women by becoming a shirt sleeve sponsor for the team.

The group understood the impact administration would have on the Women's team and were keen to support as part of the #OurCommitment campaign.

A week-long raffle for a DCFC BBG125 shirt signed by the squad was launched on social media on the 24th October. Thanks to the kindness of the DCFC community - including an extremely generous donation of £1145 from an anonymous donor - the group raised an incredible £2480 for the DCFC Women's team.

Jim Peat, winner of the shirt, said: "I’ve been following the Rams for 45 years now and have bought a few shirts in that time, it’s the first time I’ve ever had a signed one so will definitely be getting it framed! I’ve also been looking out for the Women’s results for a few years so I thought I would help the Punjabi Rams in their efforts in raising as much money as possible to help the team through the rest of the season."

In addition to the funds raised from the raffle the Punjabi Rams reached out to a few local businesses for further support. Cavendish Dental Practice, Vision One and Why Not Test Equipment all kindly donated £300 each.

As a result, Punjabi Rams have donated £3500 to DCFC Women to support their quest to reach the Championship.

The logo on the shirt was debuted at the recent fixture against Burton Albion where the Ewes won 7-0. The logo includes a reference to the #OurCommitment campaign, which is a gesture to show appreciation to every single individual that has supported the campaign to date.

The latest announcement further emphasises the commitment Punjabi Rams have to unite the Club and the community as well demonstrating the belief in a one-club philosophy.

The relationship with the Derby County Women's team dates all the way back to 2015 when the Club showed amazing allyship with Punjabi Rams by printing their logo on the back of the first-team kit.

The group have also been sponsoring the team's winger Kira Rai for the last four years. Kira told Sky Sports News recently that she feels lucky to have "her own little community within a club".

On 22nd September 2021, Derby County Football Club entered administration after years of financial instability. This had a significant impact to the Club, the City, the supporters and businesses.

Following the news, the Punjabi Rams committee decided this was an opportunity to support those impacted.

On 24th September 2021 Punjabi Rams launched the #OurCommitment campaign focusing on community projects such as distributing tickets to supporters, which also benefits the Club in increasing revenues.

Since launching the campaign the group have raised in excess of £5000 for ticket distribution, which has supported more than 85 tickets, and supporting the Women's team. Further initiatives will be launched in the coming weeks.

If you or anyone you know will benefit from free tickets please do complete the Ticket Request form available on our website.


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