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Newsletter 18/09/2021

Derby County Football Club announced on 17th September 2021 that the Club, the ultimate holding company of the group, and all of the subsidiary companies have filed notices of intention to appoint administrators.

You can read the full statement here.

Although many supporters were aware of the financial difficulties that the football club were under, not many expected to hear the news that was announced yesterday.

As a supporters’ group we pride ourselves on being transparent with our members at all times. This trust amongst the Derby County community has seen us at many times being seen as the voice of reason between supporters and the Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to address some points that have been made on social media.

  • On August 4th 2021, we were invited to the Supporter's Charter Meeting by Mel Morris and Stephen Pearce, where we had one representative attend. This meeting was an opportunity for the Club to address a number of concerns fans had as well as update us on the future of the Club.

  • In order for the Club to be transparent as possible, they required each attendee to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which prohibits the attendees to speak about certain topics (note; this NDA was signed by an individual and not the supporters’ group).

  • Post meeting, we acted quickly to share as much information as we were permitted to via Twitter. The next day further details were released by other attendees and we felt that there was nothing further to add therefore retracted any further planned communication.

  • Since yesterday's statement there have been suggestions that those in attendance at the meeting on 4th August should disclose further details. Our representative that attended this meeting believes the majority of information has now been disclosed through the statement and can confirm that administration was not directly raised as an outcome for the Club.

  • Punjabi Rams respect the wishes of the representative that attended on behalf of the group and would like to thank them for their support over the past few months in providing our members with as much information as they were legally allowed to relay.

  • As communicated on Wednesday 15th September 2021, the Club were due to host another Supporters Charter Meeting with representatives from the Club.

  • This meeting was postponed due to a lack of attendees from the various supporters’ groups.

Hopefully, the above reaffirms our commitment in being as open as we can with our members. The Club are in the worst position that they can be and as painful as it is we together need to think of what we would like to happen next.

Therefore, we are asking for you to share your views and feelings on the current situation of the Club and where/how you would like us as a group to challenge the Club on the future plans.

We would like to end this communication by asking each of you that will be in attendance in stadiums over the coming weeks/months to support our Club because owners and players will come and go but us fans will forever remain the heartbeat of the Club.


Punjabi Rams


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